Particularly cats and dogs

You wish to obtain authorisation to transport live animals, particularly cats and dogs?

The team at Canine Domain offers you an 18 hour specialised training programme that responds to your requirements. It will enable you to acquire or increase your knowledge concerning the transport of the most popular and common pets: Cats and dogs.

Cats and dogs are animals that have specific physiological and behavioural requirements, each appropriate to their type. The dog is generally considered to be a social animal and therefore needs contact with other dogs. The cat however is basically territorial in nature.


This training will enable you to ensure the well being of the animals together with the physiological and behavioural requirements of these two types of domestic animals.

During this training you will learn about the documents concerning the transport of live animals (LAT or TAV) and the well being of animals during transit as well as the security regulations concerning live animal transportation.
With this training you will improve the quality of your services and/or products according to your professional domain.


The principal objective of this training in live animal transportation is to teach you the correct practises, for the particular type of animal, for live animal transportation thereby ensuring a minimum of stress and discomfort.
Transportation is a delicate step in the life of a domestic animal. The stress sources can be many and varied and they increase according to the time and distance of the travel.
The training material is therefore based on European regulations together with boarding techniques, the transportation and the unloading of live domestic animals.

This training course (certification for the transport of live domestic animals – ‘Habilitation au transport d’animaux vivants’, specifically cats and dogs), is approved by the ‘Bergerie Nationale de Rambouillet’; the major national organisation in this sector.

After completing your training you will be given a document confirming that, in accordance with French Prefectural legislation, you have successfully completed the training course and are therefore qualified to transport live domestic animals: Cats and dogs.