This specialised training, conducted by the team at Canine Domain, was particularly created for professionals, more specifically for:

  • Farmers and employees in the animal transport sector,
  • Trading companies for live animals,
  • Groups of producers and co-operatives,
  • Live animal transporters,
  • Breeders and those responsible for the keeping and care of animals.

Alongside our trainers, you will learn specific knowledge concerning cattle (and the skills that go with it!). Like us, cattle have five senses but they also have all the behavioural characteristics of a hierarchical animal. The understanding of this animal’s behaviour is what Canine Domain will provide you with, helping you to understand and acquire all the techniques relating to containment, loading and unloading specific to the transport of cattle. Cattle to be transported have specific needs to ensure they suffer from a minimum of stress, avoiding injuries and unwarranted suffering, and thereby ensure the effectiveness of your work with them.

This training is not only about the animal itself. It also takes into account all the current European legislation, particularly the regulations concerning vehicles for the transport of live animals. It should be stated that these regulations were created to limit the spread of infectious and contagious illnesses.

This particular training course entitled ‘Certificate of Professional Aptitude for the Transport of Live Animals’ (Certificat d’aptitude Professionnelle au transport des animaux vivants – CAPTAV), speciality Cattle, is authorised by the ‘Bergerie Nationale de Rambouillet’, the major National institution in this sector.

At the end of your course you will be awarded a document that states, according to the Prefectural standards of your area, the successful completion of your training requirements. The CAPTAV, specialty Cattle, also enables you to obtain the necessary authorisation to transport live animals.